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martedì 13 novembre 2018

EFSA – Nuovo parere scientifico relativo alla sicurezza alimentare e alle donazioni di alimenti “Hazard analysis approaches for certain small retail establishments and food donations”

In 2017, EFSA published a ‘simplified’ food safety management system (FSMS) for certain small retail establishments (butcher, grocer, baker, fish and ice cream shop) based on the application of prerequisite programme (PRP) criteria. The aim of this opinion was to develop similar FSMSs for other small retail enterprises including retail distribution centres, supermarkets, restaurants (including pubs and other catering activities) and food donation. The latter presents several novel food safety challenges because donated food may be nearing the end of its shelf-life and several actors are involved in the food donation chain, each reliant on each other to assure food safety. In this opinion, the simplified approach to food safety management is presented based on a fundamental understanding of processing stages and the activities contributing to increased occurrence of the hazards (biological, chemical (including allergens) or physical) that may occur. Control is achieved using PRP activities as previously described but with a modified ‘temperature control’ PRP and the addition of PRPs covering shelf-life control, handling returned foods, shelf-life evaluation for food donation, allocation of remaining shelf-life, and freezing food intended for donation. Examples of the simplified approach are presented for retail distribution centres, supermarkets, restaurants and food donation.


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